Benefits of Lenz Heating and Cooling One Year HVAC Service Agreement

January 14, 2022

Benefits of Our One-Year Service Agreement

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Benefits of Our HVAC Service Agreement

Lenz Heating and Cooling is a family and veteran owned and operated heating and cooling company in Iowa. The team is dedicated to providing the highest quality and best results to their customers throughout Central Iowa. With the start of the New Year in full swing, our One-Year Service Agreements can start off your 2022 stress free. These plans are a fantastic way to guarantee visits from Lenz, and establish a stress-free year when it comes to your furnace and air conditioning needs. Read more to find out the full benefits of the program.

Cross Heating & Cooling Checkups Off Your Calendar

You’re busy. We Understand. We’ll Handle Your HVAC.

Take away the stress of keeping your HVAC system up to date with Lenz Heating & Cooling! Purchase a One Year Service Agreement to schedule your appointments, save 20% throughout the year on HVAC services, and have one less item to worry about in your home owning adventures.  We’ll alert you of any unforeseen issues, and give you peace of mind about your heating and cooling investment.

Guaranteed Two Visits From Lenz Heating & Cooling

No More Scheduling Headaches.

By signing up for our One-Year Service Agreement, you are ensuring that you will get two visits in the year to come. Lenz Heating & Cooling will inspect your systems and apply any tune-ups that might be needed. 

Know of any new homeowners or just moved into a new home yourself? This agreement makes for a nice housewarming gift, or even a New Year’s gift to yourself. With a small investment, you will make sure your home is ready for any weather we may get here in Iowa!

Have Peace of Mind in Changing Temperatures in Iowa

Get Your House Ready for Every Weather Change.

Working in the business of heating and cooling here in Iowa, we know how crazy the shifts can be when it comes to the weather. Sometimes that even means 70 degree days and tornadoes in December!

With these changes, you never know what could be around the corner. Making sure your air conditioning and furnace or in the best shape will help give peace of mind that you and your home will be prepped for anything.

Give us a call and ask about our HVAC service agreement to learn more!