Our air conditioner had been out for a while and we couldn’t seem to find anybody who would repair/replace our unit for a price that wasn’t super inflated. On top of that they were booked for weeks in advance and couldn’t even think about squeezing us into their busy schedule. Lenz right away was the lowest price, they had rebates available and there was no extra costs or fees after the job was done. They said they could do a little extra work one day of the week and get in to see us right away. The Lenz installation team was stellar… They were quiet, respectful, easy to talk to, and they even wore booties on their feet to protect the floor. They ran into a few problems (which is reasonable because every house is different) and after a few calls they got the problem figured out and were out of our hair within hours of showing up. On time I might add. Everything was sealed up and they even wiped everything down after. I think this is all due to the fact that the company is family operated, and producing the highest quality work to make the family proud is the ultimate goal. There’s really no reason to go to anyone else. This is a loyal American business that I will recommend for years to come.