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Back to School Saving Tips

Back to school means extra expenses. The cost of school supplies and clothes add up quickly. It is no wonder this time of the year leaves many looking for money saving tips. Thankfully, there are several habits that can help you lower your air conditioning bill and you still be comfortable in your home during the Iowa August heat waves.

Keep the blinds and doors closed

Allowing sunlight in your home will drastically increase the temperature inside. Closing your blinds during the warmest part of the day will help insulate your windows to stop cold air from escaping.

Use fans

Ceiling fans help cool your home without using much electricity. During the summer months run the blades counter-clockwise to blow air downward to create a cooling breeze.

Adjust your thermostat

There is no need to maintain an indoor temperature of 70 degrees when there is no one home to enjoy the comfort. Instead, raise your thermostat setting a few degrees before you leave to drop your child off to school and adjust it back in the evening.

Regular Maintenance

During a tune-up, a qualified technician will make sure all components are working properly and efficiently as well as cleaning the unit. This helps prevent problems that could cause costly breakdowns.

Cook outside

The stove is the biggest culprit of creating heat in your home. Try using appliances that throw off less heat, such as crock pots or grilling out to avoid making your A/C work hard.