Are HVAC Service Agreements Worth It?

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Service agreements ensure HVAC systems run smoothly when you need them the most! Maintenance is key to keep your system running at its peak performance. Regular HVAC maintenance increases the lifespan of your system as well as reduces the risk … Read More

Do I Really Need An HVAC Tune-Up?

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We get it, you rarely see your HVAC system so it can be easy to forget about it. But HVAC tune-ups are the best way to ensure your system will run smoothly all season long with no surprise breakdowns. We’ll … Read More

7 Steps to Take Before Turning on the Heat

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The days are getting rainier, chillier, and darker sooner–fall is here, and winter is just around the bend. Before you spin the dial on your thermostat clockwise, make sure your space is ready to host a warm and cozy environment. … Read More

How to Tell if Your Furnace Is Overheating

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The weather in Des Moines has been so mild this year that perhaps you’ve hardly had to run your furnace at all. Nevertheless, your furnace could still overheat. But most modern furnaces have a built-in safety shutoff when the unit … Read More

Emergency Heating and Cooling Service in Des Moines

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Sometimes your furnace breaks down in sub-zero temperatures. Other times you wake up sweating because your air conditioner stopped running in the middle of July. In Des Moines, we have the fortune (or perhaps misfortune) of experiencing a wide spectrum … Read More

Common Causes of Furnace Repairs in Des Moines

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It always seems like the furnace breaks down on the coldest day of the year. Furnace repairs are inconvenient, and in some cases they can be expensive. The most common causes of furnace repairs, however, are usually preventable. While it … Read More

What’s the Best Temperature for the Thermostat?

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With the brutal summers and winters we see in Des Moines, nothing causes household division like the fight over the perfect thermostat temperature. Some prefer colder temperatures to walk around the house in a sweatshirt and slippers regardless of the … Read More

Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Bad?

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Have you found yourself wondering why your air conditioner smells bad lately? It is common for your unit to have a slight odor when switching between heating and cooling seasons. A persistent, musty smell, however, could indicate a problem with … Read More

Common Air Conditioner Problems: Mechanical Issues

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Our first blog post described common air conditioner problems mostly relating to the comfort level in your home. This second part explains common mechanical issues you may experience with your air conditioner. While there are certainly actions homeowners can take … Read More

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

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Spring is getting closer, but there are a few days of winter weather clinging to the forecast in the upcoming weeks, which means your furnace needs to be fully functional. Have you noticed lately that your heater is blowing cold … Read More

4 Tips for Selecting a Room Air Conditioner

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Living in Iowa, we get the luxury of fully experiencing all four of our seasons. Our winters are cold so we constantly have to heat our homes and the summers are hot requiring us to use our air conditioners. While … Read More

Why You Should Humidify Your Home this Winter

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Although winter doesn’t officially start for another three weeks, the cold weather has already struck here in Iowa. With the furnace heating your home with warm, dry air, the moisture levels in your house are probably too low. It’s true … Read More

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