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The Amana Brand

Purchasing an HVAC system has always been a matter of debate between low price and its ability to keep you comfortable. Amana is one of those few brands that has built diverse models of equipment, each one offering a unique set of features.

The Best of Amana
In the HVAC market, Amana’s central air conditioner and gas furnace are synonymous with reliability and excellent warranty options. Some of the other aspects that keep Amana as a consumer’s favorite choice are:

Energy Efficiency
Amana’s central air conditioner comes with a SEER rating between 13 and 19. It optimizes and controls humidity using a two-stage cooling system. It also has temperature and coil sensors.

A limited lifetime warranty is another feature that is included on Amana air conditioners. This can be a helpful factor in deciding whether to purchase one. An Amana compressor comes with a full lifetime warranty. Other components are covered for 10 years, which will cover replacement over many seasons.

Durability and Reliability
Amana units use R-410A refrigerant. This refrigerant is chlorine-free and increases the unit’s durability and reliability. That makes it more environmentally friendly than older systems also.

Moisture Performance
Amana ACs are intelligently designed to manage moisture at different capacities. In different weather conditions, humidity needs to be managed and these ACs function well with this feature. Most of all, they are all quiet machines with an average noise level of 71 decibels. 

How Does Amana Compare to the Competition?

Amana Corporation is one of the finest American brands as far as the American brand of household appliances is concerned. George Foerstner founded this company in 1934 with the goal of manufacturing commercial walk-in coolers. Multiple other companies have surfaced as competent manufacturers of electrical appliances, such as Goodman. Each of these companies has its own perks and advantages, but Amana stands out due to multiple reasons. We have covered some of those factors below: 

Furnace Warranty
The furnace warranty of Amana is comparatively better than its competitors. This company offers one of the very best warranty plans. If you have their compressor at your place, you can enjoy their Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty to the original purchase. Furthermore, other than compressors, all the other parts related to air conditioners also come with a relaxed warranty.

Unit Cost
When compared to its rivals, Amana air conditioners have low unit costs. The installation cost might vary, but as far as unit cost is concerned, Amana provides one of the most affordable air conditioners. So, if you are looking for AC or other electrical appliances, then do consider Amana.

Most Amana products are reliable and durable. They are easy to install, unlike their competitors’ electric appliances. You can count on Amana products, and you won’t be disappointed with its quality and performance.

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