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The R-22 Phase Out: What’s Your Plan?

Do you know if the R-22 phase-out will affect you? If your system was installed in 2010 or before, it’s a good possibility. R-22 is a coolant that allows your air conditioner to cool your house down. Effective January 1, 2020 there will be a complete ban on its production and import due to its harmful effects on the ozone layer. This means it will not be legally available at any price. The closer it gets to phasing out the more its prices skyrocket and availability dramatically decreases, which will increase your repair bills. It’s important for homeowners to start embracing the R22 phase out today and adapt to the more modern refrigerant R410A. R410A is not only better for the ozone layer it also can release and absorb heat better than R22 systems making it more efficient. Unfortunately since the oils in the compressors are different in R22 and R410A, you can’t exchange parts between them. Your old equipment will no longer be able to be repaired, and you’ll be forced to replace it the next time it breaks down. Now is the time to start thinking if you want to risk waiting for the inevitable break down or be proactive and replace it now. Time is running out. What’s your plan?