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3 Tips For Furnace Maintenance During The Winter

Lenz Heating and Cooling is a family and veteran-owned and operated heating and cooling company in Iowa. The team is dedicated to providing the highest quality and best results to their customers throughout Central Iowa. Al Lenz, founder and owner of Lenz Heating & Cooling, has provided residential air conditioner and furnace services in the Des Moines community and surrounding areas in the state of Iowa since 2009. Each one of our professionally trained technicians goes above and beyond to maintain the comfort and safety of your home. Furnace maintenance is very important to prevent gas leaks and carbon monoxide production. We’re here to help keep you warm all winter long.  Keep reading to find out important tips to maintain your furnace during the winter. 

Regularly Check Air Filters 

Air filters are key to keeping your air quality top notch and preventing allergens and illnesses. However, they can get clogged with dirt and dust, which makes your furnace work harder to push and pull air through the filters. 

These filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to change, but if you need help be sure to give us a call and we’ll be glad to come help.

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Clean Your Furnace 

You clean your house, the dishes, but what about your furnace? Keeping your furnace clean throughout the winter is key because a dirty furnace won’t be able to provide as much heat as a clean one. Seems simple right? 

To keep your energy and heating costs down, be sure to clean the filter, blower, and motor all winter long. 

Keep Vents Clean

This tip is an easy one to keep your furnace working properly and your home warm all winter long. 

Vents can easily be blocked, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. This poisoning can be dangerous and even lethal. Follow these simple tips to keep you safe and your furnace working all winter long. 

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