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Our Most Common Winter FAQs in Iowa

Lenz Heating and Cooling is a family and veteran-owned and operated heating and cooling company in Iowa. The team is dedicated to providing the highest quality and best results to their customers throughout Central Iowa. Al Lenz, founder and owner of Lenz Heating & Cooling, has provided residential air conditioner and furnace services in the Des Moines community and surrounding areas in the state of Iowa since 2009. Each one of our professionally trained technicians goes above and beyond to maintain the comfort and safety of your home. As winter is here, we want to ensure your home is being properly heated and taken care of. We have several common FAQs to look at and learn about that can help provide you a better understanding of what to do during the cold months!

“If I call because I’m having a problem with my heating and cooling system, how long will it be until a technician arrives at my home?” 

We do our best to arrive the same day a call is made.

As the days are now continually cold, we don’t want you wanting days to get your heating system fixed in your home.  Most calls are serviced on the same day they are made.

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“How often should I change my furnace filter?

There are many factors that are looked at when it comes to changing a filter.

Our recommendation is to change your filter each month to ensure your heating and cooling systems are running to the best of their abilities.

“How many times a year should I have my heating and cooling system maintenance done?”

Twice per year.

Getting your maintenance checked on your heating and cooling systems twice a year will ensure they are working properly. Typically, having them checked every six months is best. With it being winter, we don’t want your heating system to stop working!

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“How do I know if my heating and cooling system needs to be replaced?”

Many factors must be decided to determine if it is time to replace your current systems. These factors are specific to each home.

Our service professionals will be able to walk you through the different pros and cons of replacing your furnace and help lead you in the right decision for your home. 

Aspects of Furnace Replacements If Needed

  • Picking a make and model that is right for your home
  • Selecting the correct size for your space
  • Getting the best warranty for your purchase
  • Determining the right elements of the furnace
  • Financing your purchase
  • Safety features that you want in your furnace

“How many years will a new heating and cooling system last in my home?”

An air conditioner can last 12 to 15 years and a gas furnace can ast 20 to 25 years.

Maintenance and service can play a major role in the life-cycle of your heating or air conditioning system. Have someone inspect and check the overall performance to dictate if a new system is needed.

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