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3 Tips for HVAC Spring Cleaning | Des Moines AC Experts

Lenz Heating and Cooling is a family and veteran-owned and operated heating and cooling company in Iowa. The team is dedicated to providing the highest quality and best results to their customers throughout Central Iowa. Your heating and cooling systems change with the seasons in terms of maintenance and check ups, and Spring is no different. Keep reading to learn all of our top Spring cleaning tips for your HVAC systems and how our team can  help you keep your units fresh and working properly before summer. 

AC Coil Cleaning

Spray your AC unit to maintain proper cleaning.

From pet urine to outside factors such as cottonwood particles getting stuck, many environmental factors can all disturb how your system operates. 

Reliable air conditioning is something we all tend to take for granted. We start up our A/C after a long winter break and cross our fingers everything works perfectly on the first hot day of the year.

Condenser coils play one of the biggest roles in the air conditioner’s cooling process. They take the heat from your home and transfer it to the air outside. Since they are located on the outside, they are very susceptible to dirt buildup.

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Level Your Air Conditioning Unit.

Did you know that your AC unit needs to be leveled?

This is imperative for the longevity of your investment. Unlevel units can shorten the  life of the compressor by not allowing the oil to properly flow through your unit.  Without proper lubrication, the unit will lock up, resulting in a new AC unit that you might not be expecting or prepared for. 

Our $99 service plan includes checking on this positioning! Check out this plan on our website to be set for the rest of the year.

Change Your Filter This Spring.

Reduce wear and tear on your air conditioner. 

Stay fresh and clean through the replacement of your filters this spring. Dirt and debris in your filter can obstruct air flow, increasing the workload of your cooling system. 

Some of our top tips include: 

  • Pleated filters are the best way to go, and it is okay to go with a cheaper option. Some filter brands start at much higher prices, but that does not always mean they are the highest quality. 
  • Because they offer more pleats, 4” filter upgrades are best, but only if your unity is made for this size
  • Starting April 1, Lenz is offering free filters. Filters are limited to one per person, per month.  Limited to a 1” filter- 16×20 or 16×24 size. To redeem, clients must check in on Lenz Heating & Cooling Facebook.

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