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6 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without Cranking the AC

Keeping your home cool during an Iowa summer is a daily challenge. It can be tempting to walk immediately over to the thermostat and crank the A/C. While having a properly functioning HVAC system is your first line of defense, there are several things you can do to keep your home cool without adjusting the thermostat.

1. Close The Blinds

Note which windows get direct sun throughout the day, then keep those blinds closed and the curtains drawn. This will help reduce sun rays from sneaking through and heating up your house. When your blinds are open, sunlight can create a greenhouse effect in your home and increase temperature by as much as 20 degrees! If you miss the natural sunlight, try installing curtains in a light color to allow some sunlight to pass through. Additionally, turning blinds to face upward will allow the least amount of sun into your home.

2. Avoid Using Appliances That Heat Your Home

When temperatures are high, opt for grilling outdoors instead of turning on your oven or stove. While not using the oven and stove may seem obvious, even less conspicuous appliances can heat your home. Try doing unavoidable chores like vacuuming, running your dishwasher, and laundry at night when the heat of the day has passed. Additionally, maintaining your dryer, vacuum, and dishwasher will help them operate more efficiently and emit less heat, keeping your home cool.

3. Keep Interior Doors Open

Keep interior doors open to allow for maximum airflow. Especially if you have multiple small rooms, keeping doors open lets air circulate freely and encourages balanced temperature. This will hopefully reduce hot spots and give your thermostat a more accurate reading.

4. Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans encourage air circulation and help you feel cooler. There’s nothing worse than a stuffy room in the summer – especially when you are trying to sleep! Installing a fan will keep air moving even when your AC unit cycles off. We recommend installing ceiling fans in bedrooms first, then adding additional fans to other rooms as desired. Then, once installed, set your fans to rotate counter-clockwise. This will push air down, giving you a much-needed breeze.

5. Home Exterior Updates

Exterior updates are usually more costly but have the biggest long-term payoff. Consider planting trees or other greenery around your home to provide shade. Beyond natural updates, adding awnings to south and west facing windows can provide additional protection from the sun and decrease your need to cool your home from the inside.

6. Maintain Your HVAC Unit

Performing routine maintenance on your HVAC or air conditioning unit will ensure that it is working to its fullest capacity. Maintaining and cleaning your unit will save you energy costs and create a cool, comfortable environment for you and your family. It’s never too late to call a professional for HVAC assistance. We are available 24/7 – call us today at 515-225-6446 to schedule an appointment.