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Does Your Furnace Smell When Turning It On For The First Time This Fall? Lenz Explains Why

Burners Need to be Cleaned 

After many months not being in use, dust can accumulate around your exchangers, vents and registers.

This can cause a burning smell to circulate throughout your home. Give us a call to come in and clean your burners and check to make sure there’s not another issue. 

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Possible Carbon Monoxide Leak

If your furnace has insufficient airflow, it can be susceptible to develop carbon monoxide leaks, 

A funky smell coming from your furnace could be a sign of a carbon monoxide leak, which can be very dangerous. Protect you and your loved ones by having us come in and check your furnace for only $49!

Gas Levels Need Checked 

Haven’t checked your gas levels in a while? We’re here to help. 

Have peace of mind by giving us a call to have us come by and make sure your furnace is operating right for the winter. 

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