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How UV Coil Purifier’s Protect Your HVAC Systems

Did you know that the evaporator coil is where an air conditioner actually cools the air? The cold refrigerant moves through the coil and evaporates as it comes into contact with the warmer air blown across it from the blower fan. As the coil absorbs the heat, it also causes moisture to condense from the air and form along the coil. The condensate then drips off the coil and down into a pan. Now, both components have the necessary ingredients for mold growth: moisture and food (dirt and dust).

At Lenz, we recommend an Amana/Goodman made Clean Comfort UV Coil Purifier to prevent mold, bacteria, and virus growth in your heating and cooling system. These purifiers radiate UVC light, which attacks the DNA of microbes, preventing reproduction and eventually destroying them. UVC light has been used for many years to help eliminate microbes without emitting chemicals and it’s considered a proven and reliable method for indoor air sterilization.

Clean Comfort UV Coil Purifier features are listed below:

  • Economically priced
  • 24V electronic power supply
  • Connects to 24V power at control panel
  • 15″ lamp length
  • Moisture-resistant lamp connections
  • 6-ft lamp cord
  • Patented for delta plate installations
  • Suitable for all residential coil systems

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