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The Health Benefits of Whole House Humidifiers

There are two main factors that contribute to the comfort within your home. The first factor is temperature and the second factor is humidity. Homeowners with whole house humidifiers tend to feel more comfortable in their homes because humid air is warmer than non-humid air. Besides contributing to the comfort in your home, whole house humidifiers have a variety of health benefits. 

Listed below are 4 examples of how whole house humidifiers can positively affect your health.  

Eliminates Dryness

A common problem in homes with low humidity levels is that the air is very dry. Many experience dried nasal mucus, cracked lips, itchy skin, and a dry mouth. A whole house humidifier eliminates this problem.

Lessens Symptom Severity

Many are unaware of the fact that low humidity and dry air can worsen cold, flu, and allergy symptoms. A dry throat and nose can lead to a more severe cough, a sore throat, and difficulty breathing. A whole house humidifier can make these symptoms more manageable and can speed up the recovery process.

Keeps Respiratory System Strong

Our respiratory systems have a mucus membrane that works to defend the body from germs and viruses. In low humidity environments, this membrane can dry out and reduce the body’s ability to fight off illnesses. Many viruses and allergens survive longer in low humidity conditions. In a home with low humidity, illnesses can last longer and family members have a higher chance of spreading them to one another. This proves that it’s important to control the humidity levels in your home and a whole house humidifier does just that.

Better Sleep

Because humidifiers help protect against illnesses, your family will sleep better simply because they are healthier and not being woken up by sore throats, coughing and sneezing. Also, many tend to snore less in normal humidity levels than they do in low humidity levels because their respiratory systems aren’t dried out. A whole house humidifier will make your home generally more comfortable, which will make it easier to fall and stay asleep.

Right now is always the best time to start controlling the humidity in your home. Give us a call today to learn more about whole house humidifiers.