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The Importance of A/C Maintenance

The long Iowa winter is over and it’s finally time to start up your air conditioner for the first time in months. Give your system a head start by making sure it’s ready for the weather ahead. Failing to prepare your system increases your risk of costly repairs and even a system break down.

There’s no telling for sure whether or not your A/C will break down if you skip your tune up this year. But if there is a malfunction, it will most likely be more expensive than the tune up would have been. Tune ups can’t prevent all A/C problems from happening but in our years of experience we’ve found that a majority of cooling problems could have been avoided if the system had been maintained annually.

During a tune up, your technician can detect small problems and fix them before they become big problems. You will have saved yourself the higher cost and the bigger hassle  of a repair service call down the road.

Regular maintenance leads to fewer repairs and can prolong your air conditioner’s lifespan. The reverse is also true. Neglecting proper A/C maintenance can reduce its lifespan. Keeping your air conditioner maintained will help make it last as long as possible. It will also run at higher efficiency throughout its lifespan, keeping your home cool and your family comfortable.

Every year you skip maintenance, your air conditioner’s operating efficiency can decrease by 5%. This can happen because over time dust and debris collects on the coils. The evaporator coils, being indoors, attract mostly dust. But the outdoor condenser coils can become full of dirt, grass trimmings and even leaves. This build-up impedes airflow and blocks heat transfer. Meaning that your air conditioner won’t be able to cool your home as efficiently.

Your condensate drain needs to be checked for clogs. A clog can hinder your system’s ability to control humidity. In extreme cases, a clogged condensate drain could even cause water damage to your home. Motor parts need lubrication. Lack of lubrication can cause friction which reduces operating efficiency. Blower components need periodic cleaning and adjustment. Otherwise, they can cause airflow problems which can result in up to 15% efficiency loss.

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