Make Your Furnace Last: 4 Tips For Winterizing Your Home

January 4, 2016

Winter weather has finally arrived here in Des Moines, and with winter comes responsibilities in preparing your home for cold weather and snowy conditions.

Here are a few tips for keeping your home nice and warm this winter (with a healthy heating system)!

1. Properly Seal all Doors and Windows

Perhaps the easiest way to take care of your furnace this winter is to be sure all windows and doors in your home are securely sealed. Keeping warm air from escaping prevents your furnace from overworking, therefore requiring fewer tune-ups or repairs. There are a few options for sealing including using plastic or bubble wrap. Magnetic stripping for the bottom of doors works great for protection from the cold.

2. Check for Property Issues

Another easy detail to miss lies in the foundation and outside of your home. Take a walk around your property and examine for any leaks or cracks that will allow heat to escape. While they may seem small, the cold weather will make them grow and cause quite a problem as winter gets colder. Fix them early so you don’t have to worry about it later. Be sure to consider exterior obstructions that could harm you home as well, such as long tree branches or bushes that may become frozen and eventually break or bear weight on your home and cause damage.

3. Examine Your Furnace and Filters

The cleaner your furnace and filter, the better quality heat for your home. If you haven’t taken a look at or touched your furnace in months it’s very likely dust has built up. Cleaning this out can be easy, but consult a professional if you are unsure of what makes a quality cleaning. Air ducts and filters need cleaning as well to be sure they are ready to work on high impact when the peak of winter comes. It is best to check your furnace and change out your filters regularly, not just when winter is coming, to ensure optimum performance of your heating and cooling system.

4. Drain Anything Containing Water

Surprisingly, many people forget about routine maintenance of their sprinklers or other water systems connected to their home. Although we’re already starting to experience below-freezing temperatures this season, be sure to take the necessary steps to winterize water in and around your home. That includes draining, cleaning, and sealing anything that contains water in non-winter months. Taking these steps will keep it from freezing and causing problems to your home’s water system, which could also lead to issues with your heating system from strain of your home.

Taking these four easy steps will give you peace of mind in knowing the current state of your furnace before over-working it. Remember, if you are still unsure of how to properly prepare your home and furnace for winter, reach out to one of our experts here at Lenz and we’ll make sure you continue into the cold season feeling confident your home is prepared, safe, and warm.