Your Des Moines Air Conditioning Tune-Up Checklist

February 9, 2015

You may not be thinking about using your air conditioning mid-February, but to ensure your cooling system runs as efficiently as possible during the summer months, our team at Lenz Heating & Cooling advises that your Des Moines HVAC system is tuned-up every six months. An A/C tune-up is well worth the investment, and will make your A/C system run more efficiently to help you save on your overall costs.

An air conditioner tune-up will restore much of your unit’s lost efficiency and improve reliability. It also serves as preventative maintenance to anticipate small problems before they become a costly expense. The tune-up itself involves inspecting several different elements of your air conditioning system, including checking refrigerant levels and cleaning out dirt or debris that may restrict airflow.

At-home Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Between professional tune-ups, you can do the following tasks to keep your A/C unit running as efficiently as possible. Remember, disconnect or unplug electricity to the unit before performing any maintenance tasks.

• Dispose of any leaves, sticks and debris on the outside condensing unit.
• Wash the compressor using a garden hose. (Make sure electricity is turned off.)
• Change and clean the air conditioner filters according to the manufacturer’s instruction schedule.
• Inspect hose connections for any leaks, cracks or breaks.

For help locating any of the above mentioned unit parts, contact your Des Moines HVAC technicians at Lenz. For more complex jobs, Lenz’s expert team can complete your air conditioning tune-up at an affordable price. Below is the Lenz Heating & Cooling checklist for air conditioning tune-ups.

Lenz Des Moines Air Conditioning Tune-up Checklist

With no diagnostic fees and zero trip charges, Lenz offers a complete air conditioning tune-up at little cost to you. Lenz provides the following services for air conditioner maintenance:

• Inspect coolant levels and pressure
• Inspect wiring and fuses
• Ensure the evaporator coil is clean
• Ensure the condensate drain is clear
• Inspect and clean the condenser drain
• Inspect the outdoor disconnect
• Inspect the condenser fan motor
• Inspect fan blades
• Check voltage and amperage to all motors

For more details about your Lenz Des Moines Air Conditioning Tune-up Checklist, please contact us today.

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