4 Tips for Selecting a Room Air Conditioner

July 13, 2015

Living in Iowa, we get the luxury of fully experiencing all four of our seasons. Our winters are cold so we constantly have to heat our homes and the summers are hot requiring us to use our air conditioners. While many homes and apartments are already equipped with their own heating and cooling system, not all are. Room air conditioners and wall air conditioners are great options for people who are renting an apartment or home that doesn’t already have air conditioning. If you plan on going back to college this fall or are moving to a new place, consider buying a room air conditioner.

Why you Need a Room Conditioner for your Des Moines Home or Apartment

Room air conditioners are perfect for those who live in a home or apartment that doesn’t already have air conditioning. You shouldn’t have to suffer through the summer just because your landlord chose to not have a cooling unit installed. Within the last year, it has become mandatory for all room air conditioners to use less power than previously required. They now use 10-15% less power than older models which helps you save energy and money. One of the great things about a room air conditioner is you can select which room you put it in. For example, if the living room is the central part of your home or apartment, go ahead and put it in there. If you have roommates who don’t want to put any money into purchasing a room air conditioner, you can keep one in the window of your bedroom.

4 tips to Help you Select the Right Room Air Conditioner

Selecting the perfect room air conditioner or window air conditioner can be tough. The professionals at Lenz Heating and Cooling know just what to look for.

  1. Pick an appropriate size air conditioner. Room and window air conditioners both come in a wide variety of sizes. If you are purchasing a window air conditioner, double check the size of your window. You won’t want to get one that is too large or too small. If you’re purchasing a room air conditioner, make sure you have enough space to place it on your floor and it isn’t blocked by or in close proximity to surrounding objects.
  2. Decide what kind of capacity you need. Air conditioner capacity is measured in BTUs. Small window air conditioners will deliver a small amount of BTUs, as low as 3,000, where bigger ones can exceed 20,000 BTUs. Think about how much space you need your air conditioner to cover and base your capacity off of that.
  3. Look at where it is going. When choosing to install a window air conditioner or room air conditioner, it is extremely important to look at the room you are placing in it. How big is the room? Base the capacity off of that. Which direction do your windows face? Try to avoid placing a window air conditioner on the west or southwest side of the home. That placement will make the unit work too hard and will increase your cost to run it. A shady spot on another side of the home is ideal.
  4. Check how energy efficient it is. Not all air conditioners are created equally. Some are more energy efficient than others. Be sure to compare how energy efficient the room or window air conditioner you want to purchase is to other similar models.

Air Conditioning and Cooling Service from Lenz Heating and Cooling

Lenz Heating and Cooling is always prepared to answer your heating and cooling questions year round. We can help you select the perfect window or room air conditioner for your Des Moines area home or apartment. Though summer is the best time to use your air conditioner, we sell them all year. Contact Lenz today to learn more about all of our heating and cooling services!